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Reign In Light Ministries "Healing Oasis of Las Vegas"

Does God Cry? in Pakistan!

Healing Waters

Blooming the Desert

About Us

Both of us became Ordained Ministers through "World Christianship Ministries."

We have been licensed in ministry and received impartations of the prophetic through "Covenant Outreach" a prophetic school in Central Florida. We attended prophetic, and worship conferences in and out of the state of Florida, including "Morning Star Ministries" under Rick Joyner in North Carolina. In 2003, we received healing anointing through the "Charles and Francis Hunters Healing Explosion" we attended in Houston, Texas.We ministered on Healing and Deliverance teams and travelled to help in administering Healing Schools in different churches. We are both original students of the "School of the Prophet" under "Kim Clement Ministries"

We have been married 10 years and we appreciate everyday we have together! We have known each other over 14 years and are each other's best friends.

We enjoy God's beautiful Nature, being outdoors. We have travelled to the heights of the Smoky Mountains and Sierra Nevada Mountains and even made it to the top of Mt San Jacinto in Palm Springs California. We walked among the Sequoia Giants in Sequoia Natl. Park near the highest mountains in continental United States in California. We walked in the deepest and lowest lands of this Country the famous Death Valley!

We love walking mountain trails and playing in the snow! We love walking in beautiful gardens. Theme Parks and roller coasters are a fun way to relax the mind! Sailing from St Augustine in Florida's West Coast into the Atlantic Ocean with no engines just the sound of the wind was so freeing! The warm waters and sugary white sands on Florida's Gulf Coast are a tropical invite of peace! The sound of sea gulls and waves, awe, God created relaxation within His Nature!

The West Coast Pacific Ocean invites grandeur and beauty, especially San Diego County along with Whale watching and Seals and Harbor Cruises, wonderful, Lord just wonderful! The Western Deserts are a beauty of their own!

"Lord, the works of your fingers show forth Your Glory, there is peace and awe found in the presence of Your Nature!! We love Your creativity and beauty!! "

Photography, painting, drawing,and writing are creative gifts God has given me along with designing floral and jewelry. I have done the wedding floral of multitude weddings as well as the wedding photography. When we were Wedding Officiates in Florida, I wrote personal wedding vows for the couples which always seemed to bring the brides to tears, I noticed.

We are seasoned people of God that have much to teach about overcoming. We have seen God's faithfulness in our lives and in the lives of our children. We have survived . We have received many healings of many cancers, sicknesses and diseases in our lives. We have healing in our bloodline as a child of God! You do too! You need to learn how to appropriate God's blessings in your lives and meet the conditions He has set to receive them. It is a matter of the heart!

As ministers of the Lord, we have literally ministered healing and deliverance to multitudes all around the world.

My latest book "Does God Cry?" is ministering around the world like Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, Canada to name a few. I have started another book that I hope to have ready in a year and as God provides funds for publishing.

We would love to come visit and minister as the Lord leads in your place of worship. We are open to come hold workshops or minister in conferences, also.

Lord leads us to teach on healing and restoration of the hurting Body of Christ so reconciliation can be released and love flow freely from the Body of Christ once again. Holy Spirit will bring you to a place of repentance and openness before a Holy God. He also ministers prophetically through us as well.

A walk of intimacy with the Father with holiness, honor, and freedom . He will bring you to a place of repentance so the Body of Christ can unite in love as the Lord intended. There are so many hurting within the Church, God wants to address the hurting and heal!

Before we can reach the Lost , we the Body of Christ must be walking in Love !! For us to walk in Love unrestricted, the wounds within us restrict the Love of God from flowing forth. It is time to heal!!!

The Lost are ready, God is ready! Lets receive our healing so we can love others truly with transparent hearts of the love of God then go forth and bring in the Lost!!

It is our heart's cry to see the Body of Christ healed of their wounds so they can comeback together in love.

A Healed and United Body of Christ can minister to the Lost!

As a ministry, we walk also in the Mark 16:15-18 Scriptures. It is for all who believe, that includes you and me! Feel free to look these Scriptures up in your Bible!

"We minister healing and freedom from all that holds you back from the kind of quality of life God intended for you to live."

"He is a God of Abundance. He is the Mighty Way Maker when there is no way. We believe in miracles and want you to receive yours! We agree in prayer with you and believe for your miracle!"

"We will equip you and teach you how to stay free to rule and reign in your life, so you fulfill your destiny!"

"We want to train and equip you to live the life God sent you to this Earth to live so you fulfill your Destiny!" God wants to use you to further His Kingdom in the Earth.

"It is our desire to make God known so you can have an intelligent relationship of love with Him. We want to see the Body of Christ repent of her wayward ways and healed of her wounds so the love of God can flow unrestricted and reach out to the world with His Light!"

My first book "Does God Cry?" is now available to be purchased here on this website! Click the Purchase Products tab and order a copy! Or just double click the green letters of the book name and it will take you to the ordering page directly.

God wants to be understood and be made known. He wants you to understand Him and His love for mankind and what it is He wants from us. He stands with tears in His eyes and His arms held open to you watching and waiting for you to help you in your life, yet your face is turned away from Him! This brings Him to tears!

You will be able to have an intelligent relationship with God with better understanding , as a result of this book! Read the testimonials for this book by those who have opened its pages and were blessed, God will minister to you, also, as you read within its pages. Please share with me how God ministered to you through this book, so I can praise God with you!!