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Reign In Light Ministries "Healing Oasis of Las Vegas"

Does God Cry? in Pakistan!

Healing Waters

Blooming the Desert

Rise Up Mighty Warriors March-2014

Rise up My Warriors, Rise up My Mighty Warriors Rise up, lest the enemy ensnares your feet. Rise up above the chatter; rise up above the voices of this earth. Come up to Me, My Beloved, My Voice Thunders but My Voice also soothes. My Voice will lead you forward, ever forward. My Voice lightens your path in a darkened world. Keep your enemies at bay, keep their voices under your feet and stand with My Sword, My Voice in Your hand. ”

Rise up My Mighty Warrior, come up to Me, I am above all the chatter of this world. I am the Voice of Triumph! I am the Voice of Peace but I also am the Voice of War! I am the One Who causes your afflictions and circumstances, set up for you to flourish and prosper not to cause you to fall or be dashed into the stones. ”

You are the Triumphant Ones, the Holy Ones, the Glorious Ones, together We ride, together We swiftly go forward into the Land I promised you and together We face the enemy and overtake in each and every city of your Promised Land. ”

Raise up your voice, My Voice within you, your Mighty Sword and go forth on your majestic steed of white and feel the wind in your face. Let your hair fly and ride forth into your Promised Land, the Land I promised to give. Take My Joy as your strength, My Zeal for your might, and shout in praise and glory. ”

Be brave My Mighty Warriors and over take the enemy in your Land, little by little, day by day until he is out, and defeated, trembling under your feet. The fear of you is already before their faces, they tremble just knowing that you are on the way. The sound of your battle cry is already heard in the ears of your enemy. They know their defeat is at hand. The battle is won before you even see them. ”

Fear not, lest you become their prey. Rise up, Rise up, Rise up My Mighty Warrior! Heed the Voice of your God, your Commander in Chief, this battle must be fought, We must war, know the war has already been won! Do not listen to the noise of this world. It is My Voice far above, the Voice of Thunder, and the Voice of Triumph you will heed and obey. I have called you out and I have called you up. ”

“ It is I , this world and all life shall bow to, therefore complain not, fear not, cower not, hold back not, anger not, I have seen and heard the cries and wailing on this earth and yes, it brings Me to Tears to see the suffering, but now is the Time to rise up My Mighty Warriors and come to Me, listen not to the voices of chatter in this world, leave these to themselves enter not into pointless discussions, come therefore to Me, I am your Answer, My Voice you must hear, I say Rise Up! ”

Be still and know I am God and look up and be comforted. Your Promised Land is before you. My Joshuas and Calebs go forth it is Time! ”